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So, basically Gharkul International school is a registered School as per government norms and Explora Kids provides the curriculum for Teaching. Without Government registration school’s can’t run!

As well as the local language in each country our preschools are based in, we offer bilingual lessons – although primarily, the native tongue is Hindi!

Co-operative play is something we truly value. But it has to be learned, as well as appeal to our social instincts… The best way to achieve this is by copying what we see. Therefore, our nursery teachers and educators model play and co-operate whenever they can, so the kids get a sense of what it looks like. Taking turns, acting gently, speaking in a kind manner: all of these are examples of positive reinforcement. 

We begin with short separation times, as children need to have faith that their caregiver will return. This builds trust and mutual understanding. Once these brief periods become the norm, we extend the length of separation. 

It’s normal for a child to cry during their initial state at kindergarten of semi-independence. Please remember that it’s a natural, healthy response to the love you’ve given them so far… For transitions and promotions, too, we create a plan that’s tailored to their personality traits.

Lunch menu is preferred so that child can get rainbow diet.

We use fun, research-based, multi-sensory strategies to help children develop early learning skills, including Lively Letters, Open Court for phonics and literacy, Handwriting Without Tears, and Everyday Math. We use Responsive Classroom as the basis for our social and emotional learning curriculum throughout the school.